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Sniffing womens underwear

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It will add to the fun. Leaked photos of jennifer lopez. Well comparing a shirt to panties is a bit of a stretch, as my girlfriend likes the smell of my shirts because it reminds her of my presence, not something sexual.

No, I can say definitively that my love for the smell of the man I love does not extend to his dirty underwear. Sniffing womens underwear. Gonna marry if no HIV test is needed! The time now is Can I get any STD's from licking it or putting my penis on the dried vaginal secretions?

HA HA Maybe every now and then,maybe. Why would I stick my nose in his boxers? I've heard scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. Bret favre nude. Once the aroma was gone after a few days I wrapped them around my penis and masturbated with them until I ejaculated all over the crotch.

Some men find it arousing to collect and wear stockings, panties and suspender belts. A guy used to try to sneak in and sniff knickers. Lol I might have done it but I can't remember.

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I guessed that by your avatar pic: There's a part from "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" that talks about using pussy juice as a perfume: Would consider my self lucky.

Find More Posts by Mike Works. Black bbw tube. Originally Posted by Colonel Contin. Not everyones, just those you're compatible with. Meet the Guys Obsessed With the Smell of Vagina "I worship the scent, and I'm thankful they let me. Sniffing womens underwear. Originally Posted by Cinnamon Imp I think we need to get deeper into this subject - do lesbians sniff other women's undies?

I mailed you one pretty long HIV related, and pantie filled email a few days ago, no answer yet. J2 Cool View Public Profile Send a private message to J2 Cool Find More Posts by J2 Cool. Your HIV risk is nonexistent.

Achievement posts and updates are not allowed. Nude whitney houston. They should at least consent to it.

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What if she hand washed her clothes with no detergent? Well I aint tellin if I do one way or the other.

If Anything the smell of a vagina is a turn off. The scent was incredible I wanted to masturbate right there while sniffing those panties. Send questions for Cecil Adams to: Jockstrap fetishism is the term applied to the sexual arousal from handling, wearing a jockstrap, watching another put one on, or sniffing a jockstrap.

Speak for yourself that disgusting. Ask Your Question today. And that odor must be trapped in the fibers of the panties I'm sure girls dont drop their pant every time they're about to let one go! Love and Understanding for Men Who Wear Panties. Sniffing womens underwear. A guy used to try to sneak in and sniff knickers.

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