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A guy eats my ass next to a busy road while other guys piss on me, later he sucks me while I pour collected old piss over us. Pics of mom naked. Her beautiful eyes bore into me. Cum in me tumblr. Ask me Themes Archive My favs Videos. Open in app Facebook Tweet Reddit Mail Embed Permalink.

Again, when he caught me on my way back from the bathroom on my hands and knees. Karina kaif sexy. Every time we meet them and I see her baby bump I become extremely horny imagining that it's mine and I kinda wish it was me that knocked up - If I'd given in to temptation it probably would have been! This blog is NSFW, all the things posted here are related to the impregnation fetish, so if that isnt what you are looking for, you should get out.

Male, Early 30s, Southern New Hampshire. Finally, here she was, on her most fertile day. He moaned as he felt my pussy tighten and cum. Yeah I take them all the time..

Or maybe after just one more fuck? Emily choked a moan back.

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Maybe she can feel my cock start to swell a bit more, and she anticipates. Free amateur submitted sex videos. She looked at everyone that stared at her and her question sounded like a dare. She came to me and stared. That orgasm made all others pale by comparison.

Can you just, like, finger me for a while to help me get off? Pregnant sex is the best. Cum in me tumblr. Nothing he would act on, of course, but they popped in to his head none the less. Embrace me as you embrace our fate as parents, creators of life. Heading back to our bed room to change clothes, I froze in surprise after opening the bed room door: Your enthusiasm will be rewarded promptly with more, bigger, powerful loads.

Repeat from step 1 and fill that empty womb again Correct! I thought by now you would have realized you were going to finish inside me. Male hypnotic orgasm. The best part is when they fill me full of their hot cum…making me feel even fuller than before.

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Her free hand traveled down and she began to play with herself, her fingers grazing my hardness every now and then. We were laying sideways, spooning with no clothes in between. The surprise will let you pump at least one strong shot of thick babybatter into her unprotected womb before she starts trying to get your throbbing cock out of her cunt.

She had accepted his advances, her breasts sore from his sucking and biting, her throat still burning with bile after choking on his cock, her virginity stolen from her but as his pace hastened she now knew his true intentions, her protests fell on deaf ears and her vain attempts to free herself from his grip seemed pointless and futile, for he was far too strong for her, he was going to have his way with her and she was powerless to refuse him, Her cunt belonged to him and he intended to fill it with his seed, to breed with her,.

Slowly using the full mushroom head of his cock to open me. You come to my house. Ripe with baby…and with milk…but still ready to be fucked. Cum in me tumblr. She can only watch the door in fear and anticipation. If you are under the age of consent in your jurisdiction, please go elsewhere. Enema play stories. She was lost in thought as she felt the warm dribble of his hot cum oozing from her freshly fucked cunt.

I'm in my mid twenties and live in Lancashire, in the North of England.

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